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Change Your Words; Change Your Life

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Become a Warrior for Christ today!

Are you ready to experience the peace, prosperity, freedom, joy, and love of Lord Jesus? If so, download your free copy of Warriors for Christ Bootcamp! Spiritual warfare is real! It’s time to put on your Armor of God, submit to the Father, and be a warrior in Christ. Learn how to use scripture to fight anxiety, stress, worry, sickness, and fear.

Download your free training copy of Warriors for Christ Bootcamp!

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Burn the Ships

What do you need to start doing to obtain God's will for your life? Are you ready to cut ties with the past and move forward in life? Maybe it's time for you to burn your ships so you can commit to the lifestyle you want to live with Christ.

Move the Mountain that is in Your Way!

What do you do when a mountain problem falls in your way? Read what an ant taught me about moving the mountains that appear to be in our way. Remember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13).

But….um…What Will Everyone Think?

It's normal to struggle with this question. Did you know Joseph also struggled with this same question? Imagine what would have changed if Joseph, Mary's husband, and Jesus' stepfather, cared more about what others thought than God!

Renew Your Mind and Be a Warrior for Christ!

In Romans 12:2, Paul urges you to be on alert not to let the world around you shape you into its mold. Satan is the god of this world (2 Cor. 4:4), and he wants to steal, destroy, torment, and kill you. Thankfully, the Father wants to save you! God’s ways are not the world’s ways, which is why we have to understand His Word! When you enter God’s kingdom, you must learn to abandon the thought patterns, values, habits, and lifestyle of the world because it only brings death. God wants to give you an abundant life! Since you are to desert the ways of this world, you must learn God’s ways. Making that change can be challenging, confusing, and isolating. The Bible can sometimes read like Shakespeare! Join Renew Ministries’ newsletter to learn how you can renew your mind to the Word of God and be a warrior for Christ. You are victorious in Him! It is only through the power of Christ that brings sweetness out of bitterness, strength out of weakness, triumph out of tragedy, and blessing out of heartbreak. Learn to stand firm in Him! Subscribe to our newsletter today!

Pastoral Counseling

Are you tired of dealing with fear, anxiety, worry, or stress?

Do you want the healing, hope, joy, peace, and love Jesus talks about in the Bible? Are you ready to be a Warrior for Christ?

Better yet, are you ready to walk out of your bondage and walk into Jesus’ freedom? Do you find yourself wishing you just loved yourself? Or are you ready to think more positively? Do you want to exude love and encouragement to everyone you come across?

Ultimately, are you ready to operate in the mind of Christ, grow your faith, and treat everyone (even yourself) with Godly love?  

Maybe you have tried countless coaches, counselors, therapists, or alternative therapies, and none of them worked. Are you about ready to scream because you just want the life the Word of God says is possible?

We at Renew Ministries get it, especially Elizabeth, which is why we offer Pastoral Counseling. 

Learn more or schedule now!