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God Can Even Use a Squirrel! (1)

God Can Use Even a Squirrel! Never Doubt His Sovereignty!

By: Elizabeth L. Creecy

Even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.

Psalm 139:10 ESV

Back in April, my husband, Austin, rescued a baby squirrel. My husband is what I like to call an animal whisperer. He loves animals and is fearless. Plus, animals LITERALLY come right up to him to love on him. Well, this squirrel did the same thing. He walked right up to Austin.

We believe the squirrel was about 4-5 weeks old. Austin looked for the mom and went through all the correct protocols before deciding to bring this squirrel home.

If you have ever been around a baby squirrel, then you know how rowdy they can be, which is why he named him, Rowdy.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive about having a squirrel in my house because I already spend hours taking care of an elderly dog with dementia. The idea of taking care of a baby did not thrill me. Additionally, we were on our way out of town for a much-needed long vacation, and I was not planning on taking a squirrel to the beach. But that is what we did!

Quickly the squirrel stole my heart. We even considered keeping the squirrel to rehabilitate ourselves until we realized all the work and care involved. Also, my dog, Moo-Moo, was quickly bonding with the little guy, and we didn’t think it was good for the squirrel not to be around other squirrels, nor for Moo-Moo to bond with something we cannot keep. 

Let me tell you, my Moo-Moo was an excellent stand-in father. He even helped Rowdy learn how to go to the bathroom by licking his private areas. Who knew my pup was so tender-hearted too. I always assumed he just wanted to eat the squirrels.

I have always enjoyed watching squirrels – they are probably one of my top five animals. I don’t know why other than they used to be my dad’s enemy, and I always felt bad for them. My dad, who was an avid gardener, killed squirrels. It always upset me when I saw him carry the little innocent thing to the woods as a little girl. 

My dad, however, saw squirrels as a pest because they would ruin his tomatoes. I always wanted to save the squirrels, and it’s a promise I still carry out to this day. My husband, Austin, and I joke all the time because I want to see a pregnant squirrel, which God answered in May. Do not ask me why – I just did!

I love watching nature. I love the wisdom and peace both nature and animals can provide. God has used nature and animals to teach me so many of His life lessons. I want to share with you the life lesson He taught me with Rowdy the squirrel. But first, let me give you some backstory!

In 2016, while I was on my deck balcony, I noticed something itty bitty hopping through the freshly cut grass. This thing was so small I could barely make it out, as the blades of grass were taller than this hopping thing. After a few minutes, I noticed this thing was a baby squirrel. I immediately texted the maintenance man, Aaron, who I befriended, and asked him to meet me at my apartment when he had time. I knew Aaron loved animals and was a bit more fearless than I was at the time. 

Aaron came over immediately, and he picked up the baby squirrel that had to be only a few weeks old. We searched for the squirrel’s mom but believed we found her dead. I asked Aaron if it would be okay if he took the little guy to his place. Aaron agreed it would be better for him to take the squirrel than me. I lived in an apartment, and Moo-Moo seemed like he wanted to eat it, but seeing how he responded with Rowdy, I could have been wrong.

That was that. The baby squirrel and Aaron left for the country, and I never saw that squirrel again. I always regretted that I couldn’t take care of the squirrel. I always was bummed that I allowed the Spirit of Fear to stop me from doing something I felt God asked me to do. I was too afraid to hold the baby squirrel or take care of it, even though I wanted to.

I kept praying for another opportunity to help a baby squirrel, so when God answered my prayer through my husband, I was not about to say no. Thank the Lord that my sweet husband remembers how much I love squirrels, so he was so excited to bring this little guy home! I was not as open as I wished I had been about the whole ordeal. Thankfully, God uses people to carry out His mission, and He spoke to my husband, and my husband helped me recalibrate and overcome the Fear.

We packed the car, put two dogs and a squirrel in the car, and headed to the beach. The following day, Rowdy woke us up with some interesting noises. I never knew squirrels made this extremely high pitch monkey-like sound. It was extraordinary and odd. Admittedly, I was still in a bad mood as I allowed Fear to run rampant in my mind. 

Finally, I got a hold of it and started befriending Rowdy. We limited how much time we held him to prevent him from being accustomed to humans, but it was very hard not to hold the cute guy.

He was so small and so precious. He was even teething, which just made him cuter. Finally, after a day or two of me freaking out because there was no way we could take care of the squirrel. The reality was I was going to take care of him, not Austin, because I work from home. Now at this time, I was taking care of my mom, working two jobs, and taking care of special needs dog. I couldn’t take care of another thing. We agreed we needed to find someone to rehabilitate him because we did not have the time to give him nor the space.

We found an animal rehabilitation nonprofit near the OBX (Outer Banks in North Carolina) and made plans to surrender Rowdy to them. They already had about seven squirrels they were rehabilitating. As we drove about an hour to drop off the little guy, I began to cry. I was afraid if these people were genuine or not, and I was so sad to see him go. I don’t like goodbyes! The entire drive, we prayed about the couple we were meeting asking God to protect Rowdy, and confirm if we should give this squirrel to them. At this point, I had bonded with the little guy.


He was so much fun to play with and love that I didn’t want to say goodbye even though that was the best thing. Thankfully, the man we gave Rowdy to was so sweet, full of love, and wonderful. We still connect with the couple because of how beautiful they are and for their love of animals.

On the drive, Rowdy curled up in my hands and fell asleep. That is when it hit me! As I was looking down at Rowdy curled in the palm of my hands, only wanting him to be safe, I realized that is what God wants for us. The love, gentleness, mercy, and grace I wanted to give this guy was what God wants to do for us. As he was sleeping in my hands, I remember loving on him and speaking life over him, letting him know I would keep him safe. Doesn’t God want to do this for us too?

The song “He’s got the whole world in His hands” kept coming to my mind as I watched Rowdy sleep. Perhaps this is when the Holy Spirit made this revelation come to life: God truly does have me!. All I know is it all clicked. God wants us to rest in His hands. Perhaps that is why he encourages us to be still and know that He is God. Sometimes we may not understand what God is doing or why He allows some things to happen, but He does work everything together for the greater good.

I remember looking down at Rowdy and only wanting to protect him. That is what God wants to do for us too!

Where do you need to let yourself rest in God's hands?

Prayer: Father God, thank You for Your everlasting and unconditional love. Thank You for Your protection, mercy, and grace. Father, help me to see that I can rest in Your hands. Help me to trust You more than I trust myself. Father, help me to surrender everything to You. Give me a revelation that lets me know I am protected and safe because of You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.