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Pastoral Counseling | Healing Pain, Dysfunction | Renew Ministries


Renew Ministries is an online ministry that focuses on renewing your mind and becoming a warrior for Christ. We do this by sharing the Gospel, explaining the spiritual components of mental health, and teaching the application of the Word across the world. With COVID-19 still in effect, it’s our hope and goal to connect and inspire people worldwide to be warriors for Christ! We believe you have an awesome God story that may help someone else!

We invite you to share your Testimony, answered prayers, God stories, or anything else that glorifies the Father in your life and can bring others hope and encouragement.

Paul tells us in Philemon 1:6: I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ.

We are to actively and effectively share our faith, resources, and love! There are many ways we can share our faith, and it’s amazing how doing so can build others up.

A life that reflects God’s love and patterns can be quite influential and encouraging. It’s incredibly compelling to read about a person’s God story or Testimony because it is a way for the world to see the Word become flesh in human life and encourage faith in fellow believers. Share your Testimony or God story today!

Warriors for Christ Bootcamp

Are you ready to experience the peace, prosperity, freedom, joy, and love of Lord Jesus? If so, download your free copy of Warriors for Christ Bootcamp! Spiritual warfare is real! It's time to put on your Armor of God, submit to the Father, and be a warrior in Christ. Learn how to use scripture to fight anxiety, stress, worry, sickness, and fear.

If you would like a prayer request.

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